logo-empresa1 We are a company that sells products and components for Simracing and flight Simulators, for individuals, simulatioin centers and also for Racing Teams. From Cockpits aluminum profiles, through hand brakes, brakes hydraulic, until the next pedals, sequential shifters and motion systems.
We try to bring the Simulation to the domestic and professional use, the best tools to try simulate the details, feelings and accuracy of real-world competition, but sitting in a cockpit.
A hobby that increasingly involves more people around the world because they can play, run and compete in the best circuits, against the best virtual pilots, without being in a real world, with all the money you need and especially with the physical danger.
Hundreds of users and simracers around worldwide that running on Simulation Softwares as iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Rfactor and Richard Burns Rally, have already tested our products.
We have started up in 2012 and we have showed to the world our products. We are in social networks, forums simulation and now, we have a major status, not only nationally but international, from Europe, Asia and the US.
The products we develop are characterized by their high quality, high performance and durability. And very important, we have chosen to reduce the benefit and to sell them with a low price, which no company makes.
All our customers love them and every day asking us to follow
developing new components and accessories.
logo-empresa2 Firstly, greetings and thanks for your interest in our project.
So, why TSS (TOTALSPANISHSIMULATOR)? It’s simple: everyone involved in TSS are motorsport fans but not everyone can race in reality (the high cost, time, the risks involved, etc.) so for home enjoyment, I decided to get into the world of simulation.
Years ago, the technology didn’t exist to do something that was credible. But fortunately, today it does, so I decided to jump into the world of simulation and try to share my experience gained over the years with different types of motor vehicles.
My main hobby is motorcycling, with many thousands of kilometres on my clock. But unfortunately there are still some problems to solve in the simulation of motorcycles, so I decided to start with car simulation.
With the knowledge gained from my work in CNC systems, I decided to apply it to simulation. On one side, developing a simulator that makes me feel like I’m driving a real vehicle, and on the other, developing all the extras that are integral to that ‘real’ feel.
Given my experience with CNC machines and with the manufacturing processes involved with such systems, we will gradually be changing the products we offer, creating new accessories so that we can experience real driving sensations.
With your help and co-operation, we will get there. We hope to create custom accessories that will make your simulator unique.
We have many new features that we will develop slowly, so we hope you enjoy the content of the site.
Best regards from SPAIN
logo-empresa3 Quality is our Goal.
Our main goal is to offer the best Simulation products to customers who want the best quality, robustness and adaptability.
We want our customers to associate our brand name with the characteristics mentioned above.
logo-empresa4 Despite having little time in market, we have several products that have been tested by several customers with satisfactory results.
We have Quality modifications available for the Logitech G27, a cockpit made of Aluminium anodized, with accessories and several components.
And of course, we can not forget our star product, our most complex project, a Professional Simulator that can emulate 3 G-Force and 4 G-Force and destined to Formula 1 teams, circuits and International Auto Shows.
logo-empresa5 First of all, thanks for helping us get on with the development of components for simulation, through the purchase of our products.
First of all, we will make a brief explanation of why the payment of any type of component that we sell implies acceptance of these conditions.
1. TSS was created for only one reason: to help the implementation of a motion simulator that we have patented : Genesis Extreme. This simulator has features unreleased so far. All accessories are being developed for this purpose, and customers can now be benefiting from these developments with a cost prices. For example, the price of mod brake has not including work labor. (Only the pressure sensor costs twice in PVP.)
2. The warranty only covers the materials, that means that the client must pay all shipping and reissues. All this occurs because we don’t charge a standard commercial benefits.
3. The material provided has been tested one by one, are fully functional components and with a quality that gives them a high reliability and accuracy.
4. You will receive a box with the item, no pretty colors or paper manuals, stickers, etc … (We don’t charge for this).
5. The manuals for installation and adjustment will be sent by e-mail.
6. Manipulation or disassembly by anyone other than TSS, invalidates the warranty.
7. The customer service is through our web mail. We want a customer-seller relationship more personal than commercial).
8. Prices for pre-orders are not binding. We will determine the duration and quantity. We reserve the right to sell, so it may be rejected purchase requests without being required explanation. Prices for pre-orders will always be at least a 25-40% cheaper than prices without pre-order.
9. Finally, the duration of the sale of our products have no guarantee of continuity. As explained in the previous sections, they are not loaded commercial benefits, so that the continuity of marketing once we reach the main goal (simulator development and commercialization) would have a minimum of 25-30% increase in prices current. Otherwise, it would stop manufacturing to retail.
10. Warning. As we are not a shipping company, we are not responsible for the delay of payment of insurance carriers, which are usually several months after shipping.

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