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-Hydraulic Mod with pressure sensor of 60 bars for G25/G27 brake that converts it in a brake with real touch and fully adjustable.


-Adjustmen of spring hardness. With that we can control the initial force and pedal releasing.
-Adjustment of pressure sensor. With that we can change the pedal travel and adjust the maximum force.


-100% Compatible with all PC simulators.


-8 Bits (0 a 255 steps) – Pedals connected to wheel
-10 Bits (0 a 1023 steps) – Pedals connected with Leo Bodnar Cable or 10 bits controller


-12 Bits (More than 4000 steps) – Pedals connected with Leo Bodnar BU0836 board and other controllers (DSD 12 Bit, etc.)


When Brake Mod V3 will be available?
The production has been canceled at the moment. Suscribe to our newsletter.
Brake mod v1 and v2 will be available in the future?

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A great brake mod

I am using it and i love it.

Paul Ilbrink

The pedal back is very fluid

Firstly, this mod meets that the manufacture described.

The travel is adjustable, but really where it’s worth getting short travel with little hard from the start.

The pedal back is very smooth, which surprised me.

Installation is simple and no problem with rFactor.


The improvement has been spectacular

I have the pedals more or less adapted and i must say i am delighted.

The braking control has improved significantly.

With Skippy and Nascar cars, the improvement has been spectacular.

Pacho López

Another world … unexpected wheel locks are over!

You adjust the pedal back (fast or slow), the travel too, short and strong or longer and softest. The touch is pretty cool, is another world.

Unexpected wheel locks are over!

Xavier Fustrán

The touching is amazing

I have just tested it and the touching is amazing.

It works perfectly.

Jose Ramirez

I think is a very good “price-quality” mod

Well, it’s worth.

First, the installation is very easy, just connect the three wires of potentiometer to the pressure sensor. Tighten or loosen a screw, we adjust the force and pedal travel.

And then loosening or tightening the spring can make the pedal back faster or slower to starting position.

I’ve been testing with the RBR and rFactor2 and the advantage that I see, besides that touch is much more real, is that one of my problems on simulators is that i am bad braking with my left foot, but with this mod, i don’t block anymore.

Well, I said, I think is a very good “price-quality” mod.

Vicenç Caihuelas

I don’t change my pedal for nothing

I don’t change my pedal for nothing.

I have G25 pedals and i bought this brake mod and Leo Bodnar Bu0836. No maintenance, maximum accuracy, no wheel blocks. I can’t drive without it. It’s the more similar than a real brake that i have tested.

Agustín Oya

The best buy that i remember

It’s awesome.

Thanks for letting us have these great brake !!!

It’s like a car brake.

Congratulations, excellent build quality. The best buy that i remember.


Pedro Marcelino

It’s Awesome when you have configured it correctly

It’s Awesome when you have configured it correctly.

You feel very good the braking, and without no wheel locks (tested with skip barber) and fix the braking is quick. I have noticed that the car brakes more, stopping at the same point as before and without the brake bar reaches the maximum. And when you get used, you feel it as a real car and you can even reduce your time laps.

Iván Sole

This brake mod helped me have one of my best seasons ever!

I wanted to wait and write about your brake mod after I had used it through one of my sim racing seasons. I can say without hesitation that this brake mod helped me have one of my best seasons ever!

I think the mixture of being able to use pressure with the load cell and the throw of the damping system, really works well. I’ve tried other systems as well as read countless other reviews about load cells, to know that your system is unique in it’s price range. One thing I really like is the adjustability of this brake mod. It’s totally up to the user how the brake is setup and feels.

Which is, perhaps, a bit of a drawback because it does take a while to get set up properly. But once you do, there really isn’t anything better feeling than this mod!

Thanks for your help in getting the system set up and running, and I’ll be looking forward to installing the hall sensors when they become available.

Best regards and much success in the future.

John Houston

Great mod

Great mod.

Very happy with him. I have the Leo Bodnar board (BU0836) and resolution is 4082 steps.

I driver the Riley (iRacing) and i am enjoying a lot with the brakings.

Nacho Limorti

The touching is very good

Well, I’ve done a lot of virtual kilometers with it, because I was the first in the pre-order and I can only say that is amazing.

I use Pcars and Assetto Corsa, and is easy to configure it. I am happy, you avoid blocking and feel like a real car !!!

Now, waiting for something similar for gas and clutch !!!



Overall a better solution

Honesty… If you have the money I would go with the TSS, overall a better solution (customization, build quality, feel, travel, looks etc

Koert Jan Kooijman

Certainly feel like a car!

Well, I already have also mounted, and the truth is that I like it.

With Leo Bodnar cable (10 bits), i can use all the resolution (1023 steps).

After making a full deposit with HPD (iRacing), just finish with a good feeling. It lets you fine modular braking and controlled much better the wheel locks. Certainly feel like a car!

Alejandro Bernabé

If you can afford it GET IT NOW

Ordered the TSS right around Thanksgiving, was held at customs(had to ask me what it was for) got to me in Wisconsin around dec 6-10 cant remember. I’d say that’s fast for coming from Spain. Also no idea if they put together to order then test it. (they say they test em)

If you can afford it GET IT NOW. you wont be disappointed. The perfect pedal was good ISSR said but the throw and return wasn’t as good as the tss. Plus I used to run R/C and it soo looks like a over sized shock for a TMAXX or some 1/8 scale RC truck lol.

I love it, took a bit to adjust to, and to tune it the way I wanted it. Also if you don’t have a solid rig, I guess unfortunately I’d say it wouldn’t work. I’m in a diy PVC rig, and my seat is now the weak point from the pressure i need to push. So consider that, but other than that, this thing for me has been golden. (only been in the rig since xmas day). Plus to me it looks like a piece of art…. that’s just me tho. Unfortunately Its the prettiest thing down there…

Scott Stecker

My favourite brake mod

My favourite brake mod. 10 of 10 in my review.

Shaun Cole












Installation Guide - Version V1


Installation Guide - Version V2


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